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Job Title: Environmental Engineering Technologist
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Delta-Phase Electronics Inc. is located in Irvine, California.
The company specializes in industrial and municipal process control with products including General Display/Controller (GDC), intelligent Cross Smart Sensors (CSS), and various analytical systems and instruments.
We are currently seeking competent individuals or firms to join our sales team, either as agents or as distributors.
Please contact us via email at sales@delta-phase.us if you have interests, and we are happy to arrange for an interview.
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Welcome to Delta-phase

We specialize in process control and process instrumentation, including General Display/Controller, Cross Smart Sensors and some analytical systems. Our mission is to help our customer lower their operating cost by providing complete measurement solution. To be one of the leaders in process measurement and environment monitoring, we emphasize technology amendments thereby allowing our customers to enjoy "state of the art" technology. Our customers have relied on us to solve their process problems in a variety of demanding applications and complex environments. We have earned a reputation for having the expertise and equipment to control and measure virtually any process, and for demonstrating a commitment to service that has forged long-term relationships with our customers. We serve both industry and municipal areas. We look forward to earning the opportunity to solve your next process problem.


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3 Peters Canyon Rd, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92606;
Phone: +1 949-701-7728


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