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Delta-Phase develops its market share in India at WaterExpo 2017

23-25 February 2017

Chennai is the leading Indian metro city with over 4 million population. Because of its arid environment, the city has long placed special emphasis on water conservation and treatment, and it witnesses emerging, established and innovative water technologies more than most other Indian cities. In order to develop Delta-Phase’s market share in India, the company attended the 11th Edition of WaterExpo 2017 organized by Water Today from 23rd to 25th February at Chennai Trade Center. This is the most prominent and the largest International event in South Asia hosting more than 500 exhibiting companies. During this three-day packed exhibition, Delta-Phase received excellent recognition and praise from a large number of repetitive exhibitors and participants, and qualitative academic and industrial visitors. The event successfully helped Delta-Phase find a number of the most established local distributors to sell Delta-Phase’s high-quality, cost-effective smart sensors and analyzers for water treatment and quality monitoring. The event also provided a good opportunity to establish relationships between Delta-Phase and the governmental and local policymakers, investors, business executives and representatives of business associations.

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