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Delta-Phase Electronics, Inc. Participated in the recent AquaTech Mexico 2019


AquaTech Mexico 2019 was held in Mexico City’s Pepsi World Trade Center September 3-5. Aquatech Mexico offered a prominent platform for Delta-Phase to explore business opportunities in Mexico and Latin America. The show enabled the establishment of partnerships, creation of alliances and sharing of best practices between local Mexican businesses and other Latin American enterprises. Aquatech Mexico was co-located with The GREEN Expo, the largest annual Mexican exhibition for the Environmental and Renewable Energy sectors. The co-located shows hosted water quality agencies, government officials, system integrators, engineering firms, treatment plants, instrumentation managers, and end users. Delta-Phase showcased several digital smart sensors including the SA-9 multi-parameter spectrophotometer, the DO7 fluorescence dissolved oxygen sensor, the TS7 turbidity and suspended solids sensor, the UL7 ultrasonic non-contact level sensor, and the GDC-08 8-channel general display controller. A prototype of the Delta-Phase/Lucendi next generation particle counter was also on display.


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