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GDC-AVF plus
Area/Velocity Flow Measurement

 Digital technology for optimized measures

To measure the discharge of a stream or the volume of water moving through a channel per unit time, the velocity-area method is the most commonly used approach which estimates flow in a non-full pipe or open channel without a primary device. The flow is defined as the product of the cross-sectional area and the average velocity of a water stream.



Delta-Phase provides an Area-Velocity Flow Meter that continuously measures both Level and Velocity to calculate flow. GDC (General Display & Controller) series terminals are for all digital sensors with Modbus RTU or 4-20 mA analog output. There is optional software AVF which supports Area-Velocity flow measurement for non-full pipe or open channel without a primary device.
GDC may connect to DV7 submersible ultrasonic velocity sensor or RV7 non-contact Radar velocity sensor. Both sensors employ Doppler Effect theory to detect the reflected signal that has shifted frequency caused by both suspended solids and bubbles in water or water itself in motion. The frequency shift is proportional to flow velocity of the moving water.

Delta-Phase has several kinds of technologies for Depth Measurement of an open channel such as RF admittance/ capacitance, submersible pressure, ultrasonic and radar level sensors. The most popular model is ultrasonic level sensor due to its non-contact and low-cost features.

When combined with velocity and level signals of a known cross section of a flume, an operator can view flow rate, total, and alarms. The display is also used to work in conjunction with the Configuration Panel to access flow meter settings, such as 4 to 20mA and pulse output scaling, pipe or flume size, zero flow cut-off, flow filtering (damping), display options, and high or low alarm limits.



GDC-01/02 Terminal
Single or dual-channels

GDC-04/06/08 Controller
Multi-channels up to eight

GDC-Ex Terminal


Please check with specifications of DV7, RV7, UL7 and GDC for more detailed descriptions.

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