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GDC-OCF plus UL7
Open Channel Flow Meter

Digital technology for optimized measures


    • Water and wastewater treatment
    • Surcharge flows or reversed flow conditions
    • Weirs and flumes
    • Small-to-large channels

It is easy to measure water head for calculation of flow rate and flow volume in an open channel with primary devices, like those standard flumes or weirs with free flowing. There is a low-cost way to calculate the flow rate based on a specific relationship between a depth of water and flow rate, namely, whenever a given depth occurs, there will always be a corresponding water flow present. Therefore, if the flow rate is known for each depth, a depth versus flow rate relationship can be established. There are more than 40 primary devices for open channel flow measurements. Each of which has a different type of flow calculation mode. The most common standard flumes and weirs are depicted as follows:

Delta-Phase has several kinds of technologies for depth measurement of an open channel such as RF admittance/capacitance, submersible pressure, ultrasonic and radar level sensors. The most popular kind is ultrasonic level sensor due to its non-contact and low-cost features.

GDC (General Display & Controller) series terminals are for all digital sensors with Modbus RTU or 4-20 mA analog output. There is optional software OCF which supports flow measurement of an open channel with preprogrammed tables for the above primary devices.

Using GDC-02-OCF combined with UL7 Ultrasonic level sensor can real-time measure the flow of liquid in an Open Channel. It is equipped with dual 4-20mA analog outputs for flow rate, pulse output for volume, and up to 4 independent relay outputs that are programmable for limits or fault alarms. Digital interface includes RS485 with Modbus protocol and USB2.0.


GDC-01/02 Terminal
Single or dual-channels

GDC-04/06/08 Controller
Multi-channels up to eight
GDC-Ex Terminal

Please check with specifications of DV7, RV7, UL7 and GDC for more detailed descriptions.

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